About My Classes

Renee DiNapoli is a former Ringling art instructor who studied with an Italian master for 41 years as well as the Louvre in Paris and received a high level of artistic training from the Red Mountain Institute of Art.

Her classes have been awarded, “The Top Rated Painting Class for 2018 and 2019” by Lessons.com.

Renee does not believe in talent; she believes in skill. As the carpenter learns to use the hammer, the artist learns to use the brush. It is her intention to enhance your strengths while teaching to your weakness.

You will learn the simple easy techniques of painting like the Masters. As Michelangelo says, “A person paints with his mind not his hands”.

It is my goal to help every one of my students become gallery-class artists! Many of my students are shocked at what they are able to create using my techniques. It’s all about proper instruction and patience.

In her studio she begins with the fundamentals – learning to use the brush, proper mixing of colors, correct brush stroking and blending of colors. You will learn to paint like the Masters in your choice of medium – oil, acrylic or watercolor using my simple techniques. Depth and perspective, light and shadow will be covered with personal instruction and demonstrations. Seasoned artists or complete novices will learn from these classes. Students can bring their own supplies or use mine for a nominal fee. First and foremost, there are no mistakes in my class that can’t be fixed and there are no dumb questions either.

It is proven by the Canadian Journal of Neurological Science that painting helps prevent dementia. It is the tasks of following and understanding instruction and imitating the instructor’s movements while maintaining attention. This increases the neural matter in the brain. I like to call it growing brain cells. You’ll be doing a lot of that in this class. Picasso and Matisse produced work until their deaths at ages 91 and 84 respectively.

Her students range in age from 5 to 95. One of her 91 year old private students who’s been training with her for the past 15 years attributes painting to his mental sharpness.

It is all mental. Repetition and practice is what it takes.

There is no limit placed on the ability of the student. Drawing skills and painting experience are not required. The beginner is initially given their first drawing and then shown how to achieve certain brush strokes. It is a very hands-on approach. The student may be an absolute beginner (which we welcome) or an experienced artist. Patience and consideration will be given to both.

All mediums are taught and students are guided by a series of demonstrations. Many of our students have become fine, gallery-quality artists.

Tired of the same old “wash”! Learn the exciting world of scrub watercolor!

Learn the easy techniques of the masters like, Winslow Homer, Audobon, Sargent, etc.!

Learn the easy technique of portrait painting from a portrait artist extraordinaire!

Learn the easy technique of painting animals such as horses, dogs, cats, etc.

Learn how to apply oil on paper!

Painting seascapes with dories, skiffs and lighthouses!

Landscapes in oil, acrylic or watercolor!

The exciting and fun world of palette knife!

Learn the art of painting beautiful Florida birds! Learn how to paint feathers!

Portraits of pets, puppies and other loved ones – learn how to paint hair!

If you’ve never painted before and can’t even draw a stick man, this is the class for you!

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